Digital Upskilling Helps Workers Adapt to a More Automated Future [Infographic]

Digital upskilling can help workers adapt and thrive in a future of disruption. Learn how jobs are changing and what companies can do to create a more resilient workforce.

by Missy Roback
- May 17 2021 - 1 min read
digital upskilling

Throughout history, automation has disrupted people’s work lives, causing fear and (sometimes) loathing but ultimately creating new opportunities.

Today, the threat of technology might look like a robot, but a few centuries ago, it could have been a steam engine or a spinning jenny. But as previous industrial revolutions have shown, technology doesn’t destroy jobs; it changes the job landscape. The Industry 4.0 flavor of automation will actually create more jobs than it replaces: By 2025, it will create 12 million net-new jobs. And in 10 years, about half of available jobs will be for roles that don’t yet exist.

To keep pace with these rapid changes, employers and workers must embrace digital upskilling during the course of their careers. In the infographic below, learn how automation is changing the nature of work and what businesses can do to create a more resilient workforce.